St. Stephen's library is a part of the school set up. The aim is to put the motto "BOOKS ARE FOR USE" into practice. The library acquires books, newspapers, magazines and also non-book materials such as video-tapes, cassettes, overhead projection, transparencies, maps, globes etc. to serve the needs of the students and teachers. We work earnestly to create lifelong reading habits among students. Demands and requests from the students and staff are kept in mind before acquiring books from the library. The Library has an open access system.

Book fairs are organised to motivate students. Best Readers of each class are awarded at the assembly. Reference services are given to students. Our library maintains a proper catalogue which the children are taught how to use. The librarians are professionals and well qualified. Books are classified according to DDC classification scheme. Cutter's table is being used for book numbering. The library rules are flexible.

Mrs. Sunita Dhar

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